Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Give Me time

So many trends, so little time. So many trends I've hated, and swore to myself I would never wear. But after a long while of seeing them over and over again in magazines, they started to grow on me. Once upon a time, I detested skinny jeans and was head over heels for gouchos. Oh, so foolish. After being forced to stare at the glove like fitting jean long enough, things just began to make sense. Now the only pants I own stick to my legs like glue. Other once hatreds include acid wash jeans, booties, and GASP...high waisted skirts. But it's so weird because everything I used to hate now are my greatest desires, my faithful companions from day to day. When I began seeing lingerie like peek-a-boo clothing on the runways and in magazine photo shoots, I was apalled. Shameful! But get the picture. I can't look at that photo of the beanstalk model covered from head to toe in tomatoe colored "underwear as outerwear" and not feel a great need sweep over me. I don't even despise Chanel's Fall 2009 eskimo suits! Now that I think of it, that abominable snowman borrowed rug coat would look stellar with skinny jeans....and maybe some booties. But there is one trend I just can't get over. CLOGS. There is no way in HE double toothpicks I'd place my foot in that awkward, noisy, little shoe. I just won't. I can't. I grew up watching my mother waste so much potential on them. When I look at them, I think rodeo gone wrong. All my nightmares of childhood shoe shopping with my mother return. GAG. But honestly, they aren't that different from the embellished ankle cowboy boots I saw in that boutique.....and they look kind of fun to wear and tap around in......NO. I will not allow myself to go there. Clogs will not win this battle. Not tonight anyway...

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