Monday, December 28, 2009

rain is not is a fashion staple

Some things I'm not so sure of. I'm not sure if adding that belt was just overkill or actually made an exciting ensemble out of an otherwise plain outfit. One thing I am sure of is rain is definitely not necessary for straightened hair or suede boots to look their best. I like the cold, but rain is just one of the world's many drawbacks. It makes the world gray and slippery and muddy, oh my! Despite my frazzled locks, I looked relatively put together is someone who's not 97.3% of the population's eyes. Maybe the 2.7% of the population that actually does appreciate style and youth's dying desire to be original in this way thought I looked simply dapper. Unfortunately, I didn't run into anyone who didn't stare at me with disapproving eyes at Baja Fresh. But deep down, I know I looked HOT* in my gray hollister over sized sweater, white tunic tee from Abercrombie & Fitch, black legging jeans from Hollister, plaid scarf from Hollister, black suede Steve Madden boots from Nordstrom's, and red skinny belt from Forever 21. I know, I know, how unique, how jaw dropping, I'm wearing nothing that can't be purchased at your neighborhood mall, but who could tell if we all just wear t-shirts and sweatpants on the weekends. I'm just ecstatic to be wearing what I want on a weekday. Usually weekends are my prime time, since,..............(grimacing and crunching up forehead with lines of disgust)...........UNIFORMS, the slayer of all creativity and attempts to be original. Oh well, not today...HA!!! Peace, love, and you know the drill.

* Literally. It was way too warm for that sweater in that grease joint.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Camera means real blogging!

Christmas has come and gone, meaning many new gadgets sitting on my desk waiting to be placed in my sea of pink I call my room. One of those gadgets just happened to be camera, so now I can really start blogging like I should. This outfit entails one of my other christmas presents, a gray rag scarf designed and signed by Althea Harper from Project Runway, a gift from my uncle who has an incredible knack for finding famous people without trying to. It also includes a scribble hometown heroes design tee from Urban Outfitters, H&M black high waisted skirt, which is one of my most worn pieces for sure, and forever 21 sunglasses and linty oversized sweater. The scarf reminds of a sea urchin. Ha! I will call it my sea urchin scarf and that will be that.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Polyvore Samples

I'm addicted to polyvore. I must go on three times a day. Sometimes I stay on for hours creating what polyvorettes cal "sets". I'm betting most people have never heard of this, so I'll show some examples of what can be created.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

San Jose today, New York (hopefully) tomorrow

I've only been to America's most fashion forward city once, but that's enough to fall in love with it. I'm still working on getting my camera, and when I get it I will be able to post my weekendly outfits ( I wear a uniform during the week). Until then, I'll be posting internet images that look cool or somehow reflect my day's fashion choices. New York is cool. San Jose in not. It's just a giant suburb with some not so nice parts, some overpriced 35 year old houses, and lots and lots of shopping centers that look like they were crap leftover from the 70's. There is only three places in the entire Bay Area that have any sort of fashion sophistication whatsoever. They are: San Francisco ( I go there whenever humanly possible), the wonderful and fabulous Valley Fair Mall, and one little strip of heaven: Santana Row. It's two streets of expensive, yet totally worth it retail after another. My current favorites there are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, the chic bargain hunter's dream. One time there, I saw a DUDE in a yellow, pink, and neon green striped knit sweater with a green collar, ripped designer jeans, and GET THIS: lazer beam style neon yellow sunglasses. I'm all for dudes with style.