Saturday, May 22, 2010

World Market Scarf Makes the Outfit

That's right. You heard me. World Market Cost Plus scarf. It gives my outfit the little bit of color it needs to be memorable, but it absolutely isn't a designer piece. The boots are Steve Madden for Macy's, the dress is a vintage-y piece from Forever 21, tights from Forever 21, vest from H&M, leather rocker jacket from Macy's (B Hip by me Jane) and a little red clutch my great-grandma gave me when I was like five. I LOVED it then. I loved all things red then. I still do, actually. I lost it for like 7 years, found it, then lost it again, then recently found it again. Vintage. Oh yeah. I'm really excited because this is the first picture of myself on this blog or anywhere online, though I've been dying to for like, years. I didn't have a camera for quite a while, then when I got one, I couldn't take the right level of photo I needed of myself for a blog. The self timer things is really bad. The photo's off-center and.....bad. And I just felt really awkward about asking people to take my picture for a fashion website, but I finally worked up the nerve.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Polyvore on the Rise

When I first learned of polyvore, I didn't know ANYBODY on the site except the girl who showed it to me, and I hardly knew anybody who knew of it. But now, more and more sites have links to polyvore. Ex. Charlotte Russe, Chictopia, Pottery Barn teen, ect. Maybe it's just me being naive, but could it be that polyvore is one the rise? To celebrate, here's some of my favorite recent sets. The site has great new features like ASK, new contests regularly, and a great community. I can't stress it enough. JOIN fashion peoples of America and otherwise!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Good Scent is a Good Start

In San Jose, there isn't much shopping at all. When people want designer boutiques or even a great vintage find, they go to San Francisco. Luckily, we people in the 10th biggest city in the U.S. have one little high class strip on the border of San Jose and Santa Clara. It's only a small little area, but it makes living here bearable. There's great music playing, a relaxing bistro-cafeish atmosphere with the few well dressed people the city has to offer and anyway......a great little store none of my friends have ever heard of called Anthropologie. It's a national chain, but I've only seen three of them in my entire life as they are much too nice for your average shopping mall. There are several things I just love about the store. Just walking by on the street you are previewed to an elaborate and creative sculpture-ish decoration. This draws you in a enough for you to walk in, and when you do, well, when I do and assuming everyone else has a smidgen of wit enough to agree with me, the flowery scent and uniqueness of the overall store just captivate you. It reminds me of an upscale Cost Plus World Market for clothes. It's exotic, eclectic, and down to earth at the same time. Not to mention a great interior design collection and organic feel to everything. Being in the store is a new adventure everytime. I praise the person who comes up with their clever decorations. Their prints and detailing are exquisite. And yes, yes, I do sound like a walking advertisement but it's such a pleasing atmosphere, I couldn't care less what foolishness you think! Unfortanutely, some of their garments are a bit out of my price range and I have yet to own an Anthropologie original. Hope your wallet is fatter than mine!