Sunday, October 25, 2009

San Jose today, New York (hopefully) tomorrow

I've only been to America's most fashion forward city once, but that's enough to fall in love with it. I'm still working on getting my camera, and when I get it I will be able to post my weekendly outfits ( I wear a uniform during the week). Until then, I'll be posting internet images that look cool or somehow reflect my day's fashion choices. New York is cool. San Jose in not. It's just a giant suburb with some not so nice parts, some overpriced 35 year old houses, and lots and lots of shopping centers that look like they were crap leftover from the 70's. There is only three places in the entire Bay Area that have any sort of fashion sophistication whatsoever. They are: San Francisco ( I go there whenever humanly possible), the wonderful and fabulous Valley Fair Mall, and one little strip of heaven: Santana Row. It's two streets of expensive, yet totally worth it retail after another. My current favorites there are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, the chic bargain hunter's dream. One time there, I saw a DUDE in a yellow, pink, and neon green striped knit sweater with a green collar, ripped designer jeans, and GET THIS: lazer beam style neon yellow sunglasses. I'm all for dudes with style.