Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In One Package

Of all reasons to dress up, my favorite might just be all the messages you can convey in one look. Nobody knows exactly what you're thinking. It's almost a way. You can show a feeling, creativity, or the ultimate death of all personal style, copy a celeb. But still, if you pull it off really well, it's hard to tell. Black and White are some of my personal favorites, because black has this reputation of being dark and edgy, or even creepy. But white, is innocent and childish. Put it togethor, and you're one interesting yet complicated person. Still, silouhettes make the piece, and make the absolute feel of a look. It's a tricky thing, getting it right, but when you do, it's liberating, and you wanna show everyone how special you are. Unfortanutely for me, this usually happens on a day where I have a lot of time. And on days where I have a lot of time, I usually have nowhere to go. So I'm stuck at home in my funky headpiece and boots, begging for an excuse to walk out my front door. It's never possible for it not to have a story, even if you don't think about it all, it still tells a little bit about you. Sure, pretend you don't care, and wear flip flops and t-shirts to Broadway shows (Yes this is true and shocked me), just beware of the message you send out there. And for the most of us, that don't spend our days deciphering people's fashion ensembles, just look nice. Someone out there will come up with your story for you, and it will be a good one.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grunge No More

Whenever I think fringe, I get this picture of Taylor Momsen in fishnets and black eyeliner with motorcyclists and tacky Elvis impersonators. Fringe has always been associated with grunge and the almost...scandalous. But not anymore. Alexander McQueen's latest collection entails a classy take on this previously dirty trend. Though grunge fringe is hardly a bad thing, and getting numerous stares from people at the citi bank can be fun, It's great to have a new way to wear it. A fresh, more wholesome way at least for the fashion world.