Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kira Plastawhere?

Just the other day I was making a collage for an art journal, and I was looking through the old September '08 Seventeen mag, just to find an article about the sixteen year old Russian designer I used to admire so much, Kira Plastinina. Maybe not her plasticy, pink, fluffy clothing per se, but her accomplishments as such a young designer. I realized you never see her any more. I used to be constantly reading articles, ads, you name it about her in teen vogue, seventeen, and other teen magazines, but it's as though she vanished from the face of the earth. I looked her up and found that her U.S. branch of her company went into bankruptcy and closed most of its 12 U.S. stores! How sad is that! I love to see someone go for their dreams and make it happen, and when they get set back this much, it makes me miserable for them! It ruined my whole day! I dedicated my collage to her and her clothing.

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