Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Polyvore Sets.....Again

Having the ability to browse endless expanses of clothing, jewelry, photos, images, and more and then incorporate them into ANYTHING I WANT is thrilling. Forget the price's polyvore! In fact, most of the sets I've made total over $1,000 dollars.....But I like to think I've inspired someone with my designs. Who knows, maybe some rich British socialite will come around and say, "Oh that girl is genius! That's exactly what I am looking for in an outfit!" Even though that will never happen, I really don't care. It's just plain fun, and a colorful thing to be able to post on my blog. Photos are so much work with the getting a good picture, uploading, the deleting, and saving to a file, mixed in with drama that my computer always conjures up in the process. This is easy. Style, online or in person is such a great form of personal expression. People can tell so much about you from what you wear, so it's important it really reflects you. Unless of course, you're a boring, lazy slop of a person, in which case, it's probably better to dress like you're worth getting to know. Fashion sense demands respect and shows how creative or put togethor you can be. God, I sound like Stacey from "What Not to Wear", but she couldn't be more right. In short, dress good and play polyvore! Yes, I am aware that that was not good grammar.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Does Technology Hate Me?

The title says it all. I wore this outfit in December. Uploading photos take forever, then my dinky computer doesn't let me move them to my photo file, then the computer gets stuck and I have to shut down......then the photo remains on my camera without another thought for months until I try uploading a video took on my camera for my friend, and am reminded of all the fileless photos!!!!! Anyway. Forever 21 from head to ankle. Ankles belong to my Steve Madden black suede boots. Forever 21 blazer, tights, t-shirt, and skirt. It's tackey. I'm tackey. Nuff said.

Excuse the blurriness, my camera hates zooming in. What you are looking at is a giant inspiration board type thing I made because I read way too much Nylon and Teen Vogue have way too much free time. I sort of had a digital print, prismy, gemstone pattern theme and all my fabrics were shiny. I'm so weird because normal people use inspiration boards to inspire a collection, but I used collections to inspire an inspiration board. I'm just one backwards gal. This is just one of the many posters and collages I have all over my bedroom walls. Seriously, I've forgotten what color my walls are painted. I post EVERYTHING on my walls. I feel the constant need to make stuff, even if I have no idea what to make, which makes me one very frustrated person.

What's in My Bag

Just in case you haven't used you existing wit to figure this out, this stuff was not actually in my bag when I took the photo, I just scavenged around my room for colorful fashionable stuff that would look good white my bright bag. I got the bag at a Cirque du Soleil "Ovo" show in San Jose for the meek price of $80 (It's totally worth it. I just love the way it feels in my hand) Also pictured is the January Nylon Issue, a pink gift wrapping bow, Bath&BodyWorks liplicious lipgloss in passionfruit guava, which smells (and tastes!) like a jamba juice smoothie, and a shiny blinged out scrapbook from an arts and crafts fair. If you look carefully, you can see a feather quill my dad brought back from Germany. It comes with its own traditional ink! It's so fun......until you get it on your hands. NEVER get it on your hands unless you want purple skin for a month. Yes, that black thing in the back is my boot.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Give Me time

So many trends, so little time. So many trends I've hated, and swore to myself I would never wear. But after a long while of seeing them over and over again in magazines, they started to grow on me. Once upon a time, I detested skinny jeans and was head over heels for gouchos. Oh, so foolish. After being forced to stare at the glove like fitting jean long enough, things just began to make sense. Now the only pants I own stick to my legs like glue. Other once hatreds include acid wash jeans, booties, and GASP...high waisted skirts. But it's so weird because everything I used to hate now are my greatest desires, my faithful companions from day to day. When I began seeing lingerie like peek-a-boo clothing on the runways and in magazine photo shoots, I was apalled. Shameful! But get the picture. I can't look at that photo of the beanstalk model covered from head to toe in tomatoe colored "underwear as outerwear" and not feel a great need sweep over me. I don't even despise Chanel's Fall 2009 eskimo suits! Now that I think of it, that abominable snowman borrowed rug coat would look stellar with skinny jeans....and maybe some booties. But there is one trend I just can't get over. CLOGS. There is no way in HE double toothpicks I'd place my foot in that awkward, noisy, little shoe. I just won't. I can't. I grew up watching my mother waste so much potential on them. When I look at them, I think rodeo gone wrong. All my nightmares of childhood shoe shopping with my mother return. GAG. But honestly, they aren't that different from the embellished ankle cowboy boots I saw in that boutique.....and they look kind of fun to wear and tap around in......NO. I will not allow myself to go there. Clogs will not win this battle. Not tonight anyway...