Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ete, Femme

When days reach a scorching 95 degrees, the only thing that keeps me sane are my gladiator sandals and the ice machine in my freezer. The pool is necessary for survival of the day. And even though its uncomfortably hot, and being outside can be excruciating, it seems the only thing you can do is go to a festival (Greek anyone?) or BBQ party of some sort, which is exactly what we did. God I love Greek food. I would trade my right hand for baklava and lamb with tzatziki sauce. Even though it's terrible Greece is dealing with such tough financial situations, at least they have their food. It has yet to reach that hot again, but if it did, I'd be prepared with my hollister denim short shorts, charlotte russe gladiator sandals, white ruffle forever 21 shirt, forever 21 mustard colored knit beret, forever 21 shades, and tilly's chunky necklace. Now if I could just get a slushee....