Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teenage "Behavior"

I'm sure every one's heard people talk about teenagers and everything they say has to do with them: laziness, technology obsession, no respect for themselves, their peers, adults, and their environment. This is partly true. We are a bunch of twitter, facebook obsessive compulsive disorders waiting to happen. Who knows if by 2020, we'll know any real person at all, except to walk next to them while on a smart phone induced myspace rampage, chatting with everyone but the person we're with. God knows how many times this has happened to me. We want boyfriends more than air and the latest celeb poster put up via thumbtack and superglue is more important than our parents newly painted wall. I say we, because I am not innocent on all charges, though I can honestly say to think of any of these actions makes me cringe. We are teens, and therefore, or behavior (usually) is less than satisfactory. But it is not just us that made this name for ourselves. After years of seventeen magazine "tips", telling us to be oh so concerned with our guy's every move and recently, being "fat and ugly" more than what is healthy for our body types, we can get confused. After years of media, television, and movies....(a.k.a Zack and Cody, MTV, Nickelodeon) telling us lazy, barely passing, rude to even our best friends is Help me I missing something? This is new behavior.....helped on by our surroundings. Ask your mom, who's wall you just screwed with Justin Beiber pull out poster.... this behavior wasn't nearly as prominent in the glory days of pack man and nylon. It's out there, the influences, as I call them, but we.....we choose it, and that there, is our one major failure. And it can't be healthy. As an individual who doesn't want to be told a heart shape in my tan will make me hotter for summer (thanks seventeen) I say screw normalcy.

If you have any respect for yourself, and what our species is turning into makes you cry yourself to sleep at night, you'll check out seventeenmagazineproject.blogspot , a girl's experience of living off of seventeen magazine tips for a month.

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