Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Been a While

There is one plus side to taking a leave of absence from blogger. The fashion takes accumulate, and where else can you get a fantastic background but Great Britain? This month, I was lucky enough to take a two week tour of the United Kingdom. I was definitely most excited to see London. And it was great, but I have to say, it was the places that I didn't expect that much from that really captivated me. It doesn't get more beautiful than the Irish countryside. Medieval castles in small quaint towns just don't exist in the United states. Our history is largely from the last couple centuries, which made this experience all the more memorable. London reminds me of N.Y.C, but Dublin is in a class all it's own. You don't see any pubs titled "the Hairy Lemon", or "O'Donohughes", anywhere around here. I must say, the excessive amount of fashionable people was a nice change. Californian summer everyday wear ranges from jean short shorts and abercrombie tees, to denim bermudas and baggy camp t-shirts and flip flops. Is it just a lack of time, interest, or disregard that causes this unfortunate wardrobe catastrophe I couldn't say, but on the one hand, it does add to a person's sense of individuality if they do it any other way. These photo backgrounds range from the Lodon eye, to Glendalough village Ireland, to Conwy, Wales, to the Conwy castle. I'm almost always wearing my forever 21 black tights, and steve madden boots or flats, as suitcases aren't designed for large expanses of foot wear. Ever present is my black by me jane leather jacket and yellow knit beret. Special pieces are my green paisley scarf, black and white check scarf, blue rag scarf from Switzerland, gray sweater dress from hollister, green stripe dress, urban outfitters skirt, and and gray bubble dress from forever 21. My pieces may be common mall finds, but it's how you wear them that counts, and a mossy castle in the background doesn't hurt either.

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